We only display postcards that we own and so all revenue raised from advertising really is important to us We only display postcards that we own and so all revenue raised from advertising really is important to us
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10 Maes Pandy
North Wales
LL27 0TQ

Tel: 01492 642 246
Please respect our privacy as we would yours and do not send us any junk mail.

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Recycling .. Postcards, Photographs, Holiday Brochures & Visitor Guides Wanted
  We fully appreciate the postcards we now receive from people all over the world. We actually keep our postcards and not just copy the images, so this is actually creating a museum in the UK which is fully accessible to everyone throughout the World via our Online Galleries. 

A breakdown of a package arriving is as follows: Gallery postcards are taken out and saved to go on our Galleries for everyone to enjoy, Doubles or unneeded postcards are swapped or sold to purchase further postcards and contribute towards website costs. Remaining postcards are given to a wide range of charity shops with the unfortunate poorer quality ones that are ripped or badly marked being donated and then recycled into new paper products.
  People often ask what can be contributed, well we would really like any of the following please:

UK Postcards and these can be loose or on scrap book pages etc
UK Holiday Brochures these were sent free to people via adverts in the newspapers etc
Camp or Park Souvenirs such as visitor guides or menus, activity leaflets or anything else
Town Village City Guides and these were booklets that often had adverts in them
Photos of holiday camps etc, with today's technology we can delete people from photographs

Our assurance to everyone is that their details will remain personal. Most post we receive is simply packaged although we actually make no contact with anybody unless conversation has been started by them. No names or details are included on our website unless we it has been made clear that we can include an acknowledgement or a which are sometimes useful for others who want to promote their interest.
Advertising & Linking ... Links .. Logos .. Banners
  We encourage links to and from our websites, these can be just written descriptive links, or images with your name or logo, these can either go to your index page or to individual pages so your visitors can view something that directly relates. Being a family orientated website there are some categories that we consider unsuitable to link with. We also do not accept any responsibility for third party links for which we are unable to monitor.

Advertisements & Banners may be included on pages at our discretion, providing they are of relevance either through brand or reference. We reserve the right to remove them if they are out of date, irrelevant, incorrect size, or are no longer working properly. Normally we do not cross advertise on individual branded pages, however if that brand is not using the space, or has let their advertisements get outdated, then we reserve the right to use other travel related advertisements on their page, although this would not normally be a rival company. On communal pages then unless otherwise agreed it will be solely our decision what banners and advertisements are used, however any agreement on allocated space on communal pages is subject to them working and being in date, if not we reserve the right to replace them.

Pages with top banners use the standard size 468 by 60 and the right hand size banners need to be 120 wide, how long is up to each individual although to make it fair on everyone where there is choice then smaller banners will prioritise, meaning that a standard 60 by 120 will appear at the top. This will then probably be followed by a banner of relevance if a banner represents the county and is of a suitable size for that page. So we would suggest the following sizes:

60 x 120 is a priority banner
120 x 120 is a useful square banner
120 x 300 is our favourite banner
120 x 600 is our maximum sized banner on a big page

Anyone creating odd 120 x etc sizes may get to have them used because sometimes a 120 x 200 would fit in whereas only one brand makes this size and therefore swallows the space, so it is not a matter that we favour this company more but they give us loads of useful odd sizes to fill our spaces.
Copyright Content Acknowledgement & Brand/Trade Mark/Logo/Image Recognition & Disclaimer
  We would like to thank & acknowledge all the many owners, publishers, photographers along with company employees who either help us, or allow us to use their materials, logos or part publication. 

Complete content which includes logos, names, brands, images, quotes are copyright of their respective owner or accordingly and may not be used on other websites without permission.

This disclaimer clearly explains that we cannot be held responsible for any disappointment or incorrect information given. This website is aimed for all communities and ages, we are proud that we receive emails from all over the world. Feedback is very important to us and because we research our links then mistakes can be made, if so we are happy to remove or amend when brought to our attention.

Our website is completely safe for children to use unsupervised, all the external links to other sites are regularly checked and should only contain suitable content as well. However if this is found not to be the case please contact us immediately, we will instantly remove that link.
Dedication .. A brief story why the website was created is dedicated to my late Mother who passed away whilst on holiday at the Golden Sands Holiday Village in Mablethorpe Lincolnshire, the following day receiving the postcard that she had posted meant a lot to me. Fast forward to 2021 and still looking back I remember being younger I craved for my holidays, my Dad was always busy and worked very hard thankfully holidays meant we as a family had dedicated time together. Today I enjoy finding, sharing & building these online galleries whilst listening to other peoples memories of working or holidaying, we all love nostalgia.  
We only display postcards that we own and so all revenue raised from advertising really is important to us
We only display postcards that we own and so all revenue raised from advertising really is important to us
Thank you to all our advertisers & sponsors, We only display postcards that we own and so all revenue raised from advertising really is important to us
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